A Transition For The Better

Over the past couple of years I’ve been sporadically posting on things that I see in my various roles as technical consultant to a great bunch of churches, both large and small. To my amazement I’ve actually gained a small following that has let me know how appreciative they are with me sharing my perspective and expertise. Several of my posts have made it to some of the bigger church technology blogs like Technologies for Worship. I have been blessed.

At a Gurus of Tech conference in 2012 I met Chris Huff, the founder and prolific blogger of BehindTheMixer.com, an excellent online resource for church audio techs. Over dinner at Culver’s we started a friendship that has grown over the years. I’ve asked him for advice and he’s done the same. We both have a profound respect for the work that we both are doing and we started collaborating more frequently. Some time last year Chris approached me about possibly blogging for BehindTheMixer.com. At that time I was trying to get my arms around my role as Business and Technology Manager for the Great Lakes District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (yes, that is a mouthful to try saying in one breath!). We kept talking about it and brainstorming what it would look like. I kept trying to convince him that he must have hit his head wanting me to blog on his site but he’d have none of that!

So, without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to announce that as of today, April 15, 2014, I no longer will be posting here on Gowing Associates but instead be posting on BehindTheMixer.com! Eventually when Chris pulls over all the articles that we determine would be worthwhile to have on BehindTheMixer.com, Gowing Associates will cease to be anything more than an email address for me and my family. I’m looking forward to a great partnership and friendship with Chris!

Please join us over at BehindTheMixer.com


Equipment Lifecycle Stewardship

Lifecycle   Over the years I’ve been asked by a lot of churches about equipment lifecycle stewardship. In some cases, I’ve been shocked by how old equipment is that’s still in use at churches that . . . → Read More: Equipment Lifecycle Stewardship

Volunteer or Professional?

Are you a volunteer or are you a professional? The question I want you to ponder has nothing to do with getting paid. It has everything to do with your approach and attitude. Volunteer 1. Doesn’t make an effort to learn the equipment. 2. Has no curiousity. 3. Is ambivalent toward what he/she does. 5. . . . → Read More: Volunteer or Professional?

We Need To Lower The Volume

Hear no evil   We Need To Lower The Volume! (Yes that’s Comic Sans font…On purpose…Don’t hate me bro!) We need to turn down the sound. Do those words strike fear, anger, frustration, artistic disruption, . . . → Read More: We Need To Lower The Volume

Technical Issues Aren’t Always Technical Issues

First, an apology. I’ve been inundated with work for the last few months in my new position that have kept me jumping from one fire to the next. I’ve finally managed to get my head above water and things have slowed to a manageable enough level that I can resume my posting. A couple of . . . → Read More: Technical Issues Aren’t Always Technical Issues

It’s A Matter Of Perspective And Perception

“It’s too loud!” “It’s too quiet” “It’s too trebly” “It’s too boomy” “All I hear is the guitar” “I can’t hear the guitar”…Yada, yada, yada…  Is it a picture of a vase or is it two faces looking . . . → Read More: It’s A Matter Of Perspective And Perception

What Your Pastor Needs From You

              Weren’t expecting this, were you?  In the midst of all the technical stuff we do and in the controlled chaos that is a worship service how many . . . → Read More: What Your Pastor Needs From You

Two Must-Haves For Every New Church Audio Tech

Today I’m going to talk about what I consider 2 learning tools that should be required for every new church audio tech and kept in every sound booth. One is an app that runs on an iPad or on a Mac. The other is a book. Both will help you to become a better, more . . . → Read More: Two Must-Haves For Every New Church Audio Tech

(Sort-of) Standard Live Sound Mixer Channel Assignments

Presonus StudioLive 24You say toh-may-toe, I say toh-mah-toe! While there is no truly defined industry standard in laying out the channel assignments for live sound, there are general layouts that a lot of live . . . → Read More: (Sort-of) Standard Live Sound Mixer Channel Assignments

There’s Always A Plan B

I’ve been in the live technical field for enough years to know that if anything can go wrong it will. Usually at the worst possible moment, when things that are critical need to go without a problem. So what do you do when things do go belly-up? Panic? Run around like a chicken without its . . . → Read More: There’s Always A Plan B